PAVITRA M KANSARA - Software Engineer and Mobile Developer

I am Pavitra Kansara, a Software Engineer and Android Applications Developer from San Francisco. I graduated with MS in Computer Science from San Francisco State University. I care a great deal about Software development and touching peoples lives via technology. I am a passionate mobile and web developer. My interests are Web and Mobile development, Operating Systems, Cloud computing, Parallel and Distributed Computing and Data analytics. I am fond of socializing. I like to attend meetups and meet people. Its what I do when I am off my desk. Networking gives me a great sense of motivation as I get to learn about what's actually going on and what people are working towards! I believe in participating in good cause and welfare. I strongly belive in "Whatever you do, be persistent!". I am fond of developing Android apps and currently I am working on multiple different application development.

What I do?

I build software which serves the purpose of greater good. Software that helps people and which makes their life easy. I love building Android apps and follow some great developers to learn from them. I have experience building large scale Android apps from the ground up. I also possess experience building server side web applications using Node.js and Spring framework.




I fit in for the Following Technical Skills


Java APIs, Networking, Multithreading, Concurrency,


Retrofit, RxAndroid, Concurrency, Espresso, GreenDAO, ORMLite, EventBus, Otto, Dagger 2, LeakCanary, ACRA

C lang

Swagger, Loopback.io

Web Tech

Spring MVC, Rails, JSP & Servlet

Cloud Tech

AWS EC2, AWS S3, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Firebase

My major work involves working with Java and Android for most of the time. I am a Java enthusiast and I keep learning. After my Master's Thesis, I have developed significant interest in Node.js and I keep working to further my interest. Recently, I am intrigued in overall concept and working of IoT. As of current status, I am working on couple of different types of Android applications viz. Newspoints (real time news capture and cloud synchronization for Journalists) and a social network app for bars in the city.


I learnt a lot from my experiences so I would like to share about it

July 2015 - April 2016.

Journalism Dept, SFSU

Android Developer

Designed and developed Newspoints Android application to capture real time News events and capture related Audio and Video content. Successfulyl created a cloud upload feature to store all the data to cloud (Google drive, Dropbox) etc. Successfully redesigned the UI of application using Material Design Guidelines and imporved the UI of the application by 80% avoiding complex layouts.

Technical Assistant

Graduate Assistant

Worked as a techical assistant at Grad studies, San Francisco State University. Worked on Oracle SQL Plus and Report Builder for generating Daily Productions. The responsibility involved updating Web for Graduate department, SFSU website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

DEC 2012 - MAY 2013


My work and my passion


Click on link above to view code repository.


InvesTICKation is an Android and Web application to capture data on ticks over various habitats. The application provides geo tracking and real time data sharing for Tick encounters. The data will be uploaded on the central server located on Amazon Web Services. The application will also have a Web client for approving, managing and maintain the data, users requests and for Data Analysis of the gathered data. Users will be asked to report activity type (gardening, jogging, hiking, walking pet, etc.). using their Android based smartphone.


Newspoints is an Android application that helps journalists to record audio clips and video footage, and at the same time tag and arrange the collected assets for production and editing where Notes, multimedia automatically tagged and linked in real time. The primary goal of Newspoints is to allow journalists to take record incidents and information concurrently. In addition, this application helps journalist’s record details of an incident with few clicks while at the same time eliminating the need to carry usual tools such as paper, pen, audio recorder and camera.

Interpreter and Debugger


Developed Debugger, Interpreter, Compiler, Parser and Lexical Analyzer in JAVA for a simple syntax programming language using I/O streams of Java API library. It was a multi stage development project and consisted of modules development at each stage. With the development of this project, I developed a detailed insight of Java APIs, libraries, Java Collections framework, dynamic binding, Java reflection, Data structures and its actual usage implementation and software development cycle and its methodologies.

Preemptive Multitasking Operating System

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Train OS is a simple, preemptive multitasking Operating System for Intel based x86 chips. It is built on bare metal (no middleware; direct hardware) using C programming language having no libraries or APIs dependencies. The project implements a basic Shell with minimal operations like 'clear screen', command scanning, and executing Applications(Processes) installed on it. This operating System uses 'Bochs'; an open source PC Emulator for viewing the PC window. The Operating System is built completely on bare metal and it provides minimal features as compared to real OS.


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BootStrap, JS

Successfully developed an online shopping application which enhances User accountability and usability for user using WAMP Stack, PHP, Twitter Bootstrap, AWS and Subversion. The main idea behind the project was to learn and understand Software Development techniques and life cycle facilitating Software Engineering and development processes. It was a Team project in group of 5 members and my part was to develop entire Front end for the application using Twitter Bootstrap, JavaScript and CSS

Feed Hungry

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Ruby On Rails

Feed hungry was an introductory web application in Ruby on Rails. Understanding the MVC architecture, working with Gems, using JavaScript, Bootstrap and HTML5 was the core purpose of this application. It allows users to get Free food by contacting nearest Food distributor. Moreover the Supplier can make posts and send out news about free food available in the specific locality. In this project, my part was to build the back end support dealing with the database and data manipulations.




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